Visual Artist 


Delaney is a New Orleans-raised photographer, director, and visual artist operating under her brand LANESLENSE. Delaney's work aspires to extract feeling from the viewer by consistently portraying themes of nostalgia, femininity, vibrance, and glamour. 

Vintage/'Golden age' themes are used in each photoshoot to create timeless visuals that evoke a sense of inclusion and re-imagination. Creating images that are both a contemporary ode to the past AND a safe space to display modern figures in spaces they aren't commonly represented or historically welcomed. 


Exhibitions include Femmisance, Stella Jones Fine Art Gallery, Essence x Coca-Cola's Sisterhood Exhibition, Woman Made Gallery, Barrett Art Center, Save Art Space, and more. 

Clients Include Lack of Color AUS, Forever 21, Essence Festival, and more. 

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